eMachines XP Computer Recovery CDs, eMachines Restore Disks and Downloads.

eMachines USA - Canada XP Computer Recovery Discs

eMachines XP Recovery Restore Disks and Downloads

eMachines XP Restore Disks

eMachines Recovery Disks

eMachines XP Restore Disks and Downloads

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We have supported eMachines and recommended eMachines Computer products for many years. We are proud to be regularly recommended by eMachines and promise to continue to provide the highest possible level of support for eMachines Computers and to eMachines customers.

eMachines usually ship their computers with one or more hard drive data Recovery CDs (also known as hard drive Recovery CDs, hard drive Restore Discs or hard drive data Restore Discs). The eMachines hard drive data Recovery CDs are specifically designed for your eMachines computer, usually contain an image of what was on the computers hard drive when it was first bought, & they allow you to return the machine to its original state (as new). This is particularly useful if the machine has been attacked by a virus, if the original hard drive has developed a fault, or if you simply wish to replace or upgrade the hard drive, & need to re-install your original software.

The eMachines Windows XP Recovery CDs are also sometimes referred to as Windows XP  installation CDs because they completely erase the contents of your hard drive & then re-install your operating system (Windows XP). However, they differ from normal Windows XP installation disks in that they usually restore all programs which were originally installed on the hard drive when the computer was first purchased (any additional programs or files which were not originally installed will be overwritten).


eMachines Windows XP Restore Discs - Recovery Discs

Windows XP  

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